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2011 Conference Publication Full Collection: Championing Better Communication: Theory, Practice and Innovation


This collection of conference papers was from the 2011 NAPLIC conference entitled 'Championing Better Communication: Theory, Practice and Innovation' at Aston University.


  • Annette Burns and Nobiah Sohail, Children’s Integrated SLT Service, Hackney and the City: ‘Measuring Outcomes in Speech and Language Therapy Services’
  • Bernard Camilleri, City University: ‘Dynamic assessment of children's language: Current applications and future developments’
  • Mary Hartshorne and Maxine Burns, I CAN Secondary Talk Project: ‘Changing practice in the secondary classroom’
  • Wendy Lee, Professional Director, The Communication Trust: 'The Nation Year and Beyond – What Happens in 2012?'
  • Elaine Lockton and Catherine Adams, Manchester University: 'Effectiveness of intervention for children with primary pragmatic communication needs?'
  • Keren Mousley (Speech and Language Therapist) Kathryn Sugars (Head Teacher, Foley Park Primary School): 'Developing communication at a whole school level: Foley Park Communication Project'
  • Pip St John, School Improvement Consultant, Blackburn with Darwen: 'Vocabulary teaching and learning: A classroom experience'
  • Sarah Spencer, Mary Hartshorne and Judy Clegg: 'Communication Difficulties and Youth Offending Teams: Working collaboratively to design, deliver and evaluate staff training'
  • Liz Spooner and Jacqui Woodcock, Speech and Language Therapists, Worcestershire Primary Care Trust: Teaching children to listen: 'A whole class approach to improving children’s listening skills'

2011 Conference Publication: Changing practice in the secondary classroom


by Mary Hartshorne and Maxine Burns, I CAN Secondary Talk Project

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