Three things you can do to help save The Communication Trust

The Communication Trust’s (TCT) funding from Department for Education ceases in March 2018 and they will then be forced to close. If you have benefited from TCT resources or support please take a few minutes to help them.

1. Use the template to write a letter

Download this template letter (word Doc)

Address it to Rt Hon Damien Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education

and copy in your MP. Find out how to contact him/her via:

2. Sign and share the petition that is on

Encourage people from beyond the SLCN ‘bubble’ to sign and share also.

Sign the petition

3. Follow NAPLIC

We are using #50pforSLCN as our slogan as there are 1.4 million children and young people with SLCN in the UK and TCT budget is £650k. That is less than 50p per child.