2013 Conference

2013 Conference Publication: A Salad not a Soup


Marian Downs, Specialist Teacher for Speech and Language/Co-ordinator & Jen Smith, Speech and Language Therapist, SLI Team, Newcastle upon Tyne

2013 Conference Publication: Defining (specific) language impairment: Why getting it right matters


by Courtenay Frazier Norbury, Reader in Developmental Neuropsychology, Royal Holloway, University of London:

2013 Conference Publication: Diagnosis and Dilemmas


By Vicky Slonims, Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist, Newcomen Centre, London

From NAPLIC'S 2013 day conference 'SLI – What’s in a name?'

2013 Conference Publication: Educational performance and academic achievement of children with language impairments in mainstream settings: the impact of different profiles of need


Julie Dockrell, Professor of Psychology & Special Needs, Institute of Education, London and for the Better Communication Research Programme

2013 Conference Publication: Is SLI a condition which changes from childhood to adolescence?


Gina Conti-Ramsden, Professor of Child Language and Learning, The University of Manchester

2013 Conference Publication: Worcestershire's Pathfinder Project: Identifying & Supporting Children with SLI


Tina Pereira, Specialist Speech & Language Therapist & Helen Colles, Educational Psychologist

2013 Conference Publication: Word Aware: A whole school approach for teaching spoken and written vocabulary


Stephen Parsons, Speech and Language Therapy Team Manager & Anna Branagan, Speech and Language Therapist, Thinkingtalking

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